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Board Member Duties


Direct involvement


Lend business expertise


Make a commitment - Be an advocate


Educate the community about issues and how involvement in the organization will build the community/school


Make an Impact - remain focused on issues and values


We want our Board to be Donor Advocates!


We require that ALL Board members make a monetary contribution. The contribution amount is not defined, but we do feel that it is important to have a Board that is a committed to the organization and its mission

JAK Board

JAK offers sincere thanks to our 2014-2015

Board Members.

Thanks for your time, your talents, and your energy!

Gene Beche

Deb Cesarek

Clif Currin

Tim Duncan - Honorary

Jacque Havelka

Chris Hickey

Joan Imperato

Michael Kelly

Thom Preston

Rusty Rodgers

Jamel Rosemond

Barrett Smith

Become a vehicle for making the link between shared values and the actions that will advance and maintain those values...."

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