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Just About Kids Foundation Grant Process

JAK had a very unique capability within KHS in that we provided teacher grants of $500 or less.  One of our outstanding young student leaders would determine classroom needs from a teacher, or a teacher would contact JAK Foundation and we would pair the teacher with one of our students.  Some students just liked to do the interview process, whereby the teacher would verbalize their vision to the student.  Other students liked to actually write the grants.  Some students chose to serve on the grant rubric committee whereby 3 or more students would grade the grant according to a student-developed rubric.  Finally, some students preferred to present the grant to the JAK adult board members.


In our 4 years at Kingwood High, we are very proud to have awarded 140+ Teacher Grants in the areas of   Technology * Teacher Training * Classroom Equipment.


A brief summary:


48 - Classroom Equipment/Books/Supplies


43 - Technology - Equipment/Software


22 - Academic Teacher Training 


6 - Student Group Academic Training


12 - Academic Based Field Trips


8 - Outside Grants Sought and Received


6 -  College Scholarships Awarded

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